07 January 2010

a painting a day

I opened my great Great Book this morning to see what painting is recommended for this day.
Well, I can't tell you, yet. I will do that later, because this part is not about art history - it is about this amazing book.
A YearIn Art is a very enjoyable book, published in every year - it gives you a painting a day and a quote as well. You also have a plenty of space to write your thoughts, memos or personal dates...
As borders.com describes this book: From cave renderings to contemporary masterpieces, Egyptian art to Picasso, Russian icons to Chagall, this global and historical collection of images makes the perfect gift for fans of any kind of art.
I am having the publication of 2010. It was a Perfect Gift from someone special.
It made me really happy on my bd :), and I'm sure it will make happy many art lovers, too.

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