31 January 2010


painting glasses=
coloring light

I just took a few photos immediately after finishing up my lost bottle. Especially on these colorless winter days these magical pieces.

This craft has hundred-years history. Just think for a second, what do you see if I say 'colored glass'?! Let me guess: church-windows.

If you wish to read all the details and history of the renaissance windows, please check out the wikipages>

The art names it "stained glass". To paint on flat, roundish or any surface requires a little theoretical and practical knowledge as well. There are patterns to use for large areas like windows or doord but I wouldn't recommend them for small bottles and glasses. Just draw with a tiny brush black contours then fill it with colors...

In the modern art there are figurative and non-figurative works as well. There is a community for artists who create and sell their beautiful works. stainedglassartists.org offers many examples of the 'painted glass'.

23 January 2010

Traveling with eyes and lenses open

Everybody's thinking about the economy, but I was thinking about different issues in the middle of Eastern Europe due this global crisis...
I was laying in my bad on this Saturday morning and was thinking about traveling.
Big photographers always travel, see and discover.

I took this shot of my travel- and entry-tickets.
I went from Bucharest to Paris and saved all my tickets due my trip.

There is a few very cool site of travel-photo collections.
I picked some for a short review:
*click on the photos to visit the site

photoburst.net is one of my favorites. It is professional with many beautiful, bright, well composed pictures made by very talented travelers. Breath-taking pictures from the planet called Earth.
The travelphotographers.net is also an amazing place where cultures get touchable through the photos. Worth to follow the contests as well.

I made a little search and found many beautiful portals within this subject and also found hundreds of blogs of travel-photographers (amateurs and professionals).

To learn more about how all these started in the 1850s, click on the photo below.

Elwy River
Francis Bedford

17 January 2010

montage or just put-together

The montage is not just about putting together pictures, or colors.
It is a process of cutting and rejoining photos or part of the photos.
There are many ways of making montages or often called collages, such as collect photos within a theme and put them together or scapbooking and use other materials like color-papers, ribbons or pearls as well.
Digital scrapbooking is a modern way of creating picture montages (often photo, but not only).
As for me, I love this way to make kind of 'pop-artish' color-collages by Photoshop.

On this montage I just modified the color-balance and added after saving a version (white background) have created its opposite side (negative), too.

I must mention that artists and photographers often use the word "photoshoping"

There are many ways of creating a collage. Let me mention the two main version of creating a photocollage. Well, as its name contains parts of the word 'COLLect' it is about collecting:
1. collect photos and put them together within a theme - compose a collage by using many photos
2. cut than collect the parts of the same photo - compose a collage by using pieces of the same photo

1. when theme is 'Christmas
I created this one for a Christmas postcard (later I've added some background and text).
I made hundreds of photos than selected those few of the best shots. At this time the atmosphere was the point.

2. when parts have different meaning

This montage is a little 'cut-than-collect' creation.
It meant to tell a story. It's less about 'present' and more about 'impress'

I might come back later on with some new/other examples and ideas by creating, cutting, collecting, composing....
I will backlink then.

11 January 2010

'Think rich, look poor.'

The quotes are already a pinch of art.
I collect quotes and sayings, especially the art related ones or those that said by artists, photographers, designers, etc. Well, in this case I must stop for post at Andy Warhol, because his wisecracks are just as great as his work. These pictures are posters actually (art.com).
I loved this quote-photo composition - I always thought that the best way to transmit the information is the Picture + Text together.
If you'd like to know more about the leading figure of the Pop Art,
follow my links below:

- biography
- paintings
- quotes
- museum

10 January 2010

january afternoon

I went to see my friends yesterday afternoon. It was springlike sunny. I loved the lights and didn't mind the mud at all. The guys lay on a stack of straw after lunch outside in the garden.
I just stood there for a couple of minutes and stared: the picture was movie-like, the atmosphere was impressive and those lusterless januray-sun-lights...

09 January 2010

behind a mask

Farsang is
an annual
of the
and Szecklers

It is about scaring away the Winter.

People create these scary but well structured masks by hand:
they usually carve the face (wood), braid their hair and beard (woolen), and paint their scary character.

It is a mysterious tradition!
I like the masks. I am entitled to say, that they represent the folk art very well.
This is tradition. A kind of religion.
Do not ask! ...just respect the thoughts behind the carnival.
... the thoughts behind the Mask.
Further infos on wiki: Farsang.

07 January 2010

a painting a day

I opened my great Great Book this morning to see what painting is recommended for this day.
Well, I can't tell you, yet. I will do that later, because this part is not about art history - it is about this amazing book.
A YearIn Art is a very enjoyable book, published in every year - it gives you a painting a day and a quote as well. You also have a plenty of space to write your thoughts, memos or personal dates...
As borders.com describes this book: From cave renderings to contemporary masterpieces, Egyptian art to Picasso, Russian icons to Chagall, this global and historical collection of images makes the perfect gift for fans of any kind of art.
I am having the publication of 2010. It was a Perfect Gift from someone special.
It made me really happy on my bd :), and I'm sure it will make happy many art lovers, too.

06 January 2010

it's 2010

New year.
No pledges but plans.
No decisions but steps ahead.
The future is in our hand :)

Have a great new year - I recommend you all to check out this amazing collection of of the best firework shots of 2009- 2010.
(click on the pic)