27 December 2009

New / Old

New thoughts.
New feelings.
New Year.

26 December 2009

Brand Irony

Drink Coca Cola.
'Coke machine is out of order.
Sorry for the inconvenience!'

Nike. Just do it.
...wherever you want...

Evian. The original spring water.

It worth to scroll over these pictures :)
They are really funny and great works.

20 December 2009

painted walnuts

walnuts can be used for beigli, cookie and Christmas tree :)

I usually color them red, gold or white.
They look cute on the tree.

14 December 2009

Perfect Xmas cake

the perfect christmas cake :)

myrecipes.com is a high standard website. there are hundreds of recipes, tricks, know hows and great ideas for Xmas ...but not only: what I really love is not the sweeties, but the pictures :) Very nice photos.

13 December 2009

11 December 2009

Christmas Card

christmas poscard with photo collage

10 December 2009

winter ball

winter ball with shirt buttons

08 December 2009

should we cancel Christmas?

well, there are number of articles describes the sweet-sour taste of celebrating Christmas in the period of economic crisis. If you just google Christmas and Crisis keywords you will get a summary of how difficult to celebrate for many people...

07 December 2009

First big breath. First words on this blog.
First pictures... first feelings, dreams and plans.
I start.
I must.