17 January 2010

montage or just put-together

The montage is not just about putting together pictures, or colors.
It is a process of cutting and rejoining photos or part of the photos.
There are many ways of making montages or often called collages, such as collect photos within a theme and put them together or scapbooking and use other materials like color-papers, ribbons or pearls as well.
Digital scrapbooking is a modern way of creating picture montages (often photo, but not only).
As for me, I love this way to make kind of 'pop-artish' color-collages by Photoshop.

On this montage I just modified the color-balance and added after saving a version (white background) have created its opposite side (negative), too.

I must mention that artists and photographers often use the word "photoshoping"

There are many ways of creating a collage. Let me mention the two main version of creating a photocollage. Well, as its name contains parts of the word 'COLLect' it is about collecting:
1. collect photos and put them together within a theme - compose a collage by using many photos
2. cut than collect the parts of the same photo - compose a collage by using pieces of the same photo

1. when theme is 'Christmas
I created this one for a Christmas postcard (later I've added some background and text).
I made hundreds of photos than selected those few of the best shots. At this time the atmosphere was the point.

2. when parts have different meaning

This montage is a little 'cut-than-collect' creation.
It meant to tell a story. It's less about 'present' and more about 'impress'

I might come back later on with some new/other examples and ideas by creating, cutting, collecting, composing....
I will backlink then.

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