21 February 2010

quite - the winter theme

'Quite' is the subject of this week's theme on Photoblog.
I usually click-walk through the submitted photos. These could provide with deep inspiration.

February just ended. Winter has officially gone.
Silence stepped in the place of carnivals.

I went through the photoblog submissions and realized that almost all us associate this 'quite' mood with this truly silent winter-end period.
I picked a few of my favorites for your review:

18 February 2010

what happens to Illyés?

'burn away the winter' is a Transylvanian folk tradition.
It is on the last day of carnival-period. The interesting and colorful procession of the locals and those lovely, smutty faces filled me up and inspired me.
Sweet pancake smell so good in the chilly late February wind.

Winter is gone.