31 January 2010


painting glasses=
coloring light

I just took a few photos immediately after finishing up my lost bottle. Especially on these colorless winter days these magical pieces.

This craft has hundred-years history. Just think for a second, what do you see if I say 'colored glass'?! Let me guess: church-windows.

If you wish to read all the details and history of the renaissance windows, please check out the wikipages>

The art names it "stained glass". To paint on flat, roundish or any surface requires a little theoretical and practical knowledge as well. There are patterns to use for large areas like windows or doord but I wouldn't recommend them for small bottles and glasses. Just draw with a tiny brush black contours then fill it with colors...

In the modern art there are figurative and non-figurative works as well. There is a community for artists who create and sell their beautiful works. stainedglassartists.org offers many examples of the 'painted glass'.

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