23 January 2010

Traveling with eyes and lenses open

Everybody's thinking about the economy, but I was thinking about different issues in the middle of Eastern Europe due this global crisis...
I was laying in my bad on this Saturday morning and was thinking about traveling.
Big photographers always travel, see and discover.

I took this shot of my travel- and entry-tickets.
I went from Bucharest to Paris and saved all my tickets due my trip.

There is a few very cool site of travel-photo collections.
I picked some for a short review:
*click on the photos to visit the site

photoburst.net is one of my favorites. It is professional with many beautiful, bright, well composed pictures made by very talented travelers. Breath-taking pictures from the planet called Earth.
The travelphotographers.net is also an amazing place where cultures get touchable through the photos. Worth to follow the contests as well.

I made a little search and found many beautiful portals within this subject and also found hundreds of blogs of travel-photographers (amateurs and professionals).

To learn more about how all these started in the 1850s, click on the photo below.

Elwy River
Francis Bedford

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